Pumpkin Decorating

By, Purple People Eater

Ideas taken from here!

It’s that time of year again where you get your carving tools out, but this time you won’t need them! I will tell you fun ways to decorate your pumpkins without carving them.

For this creative way you will need the following: plastic pumpkins, mod podge, foam paintbrushes, and scrapbook paper of your choice!

Put the scrapbook paper on the pumpkin and apply layers of mod podge.

Make sure the paper is sticky and stuck to the pumpkin.

Let dry, and there you have it!


This is what you will need for the next craft: a pumpkin, a paintbrush, white paint, and black paint.

Paint the pumpkin white, and let dry.

Then use a thin brush and paint any design or pattern to your liking!

If you want more ideas, then use any scraps around your house. Use buttons, glitter, ribbon, be creative!

This year I might use duct tape to decorate my pumpkin, who knows….I might draw a purple people eater on mine!

Have fun and Happy Halloween!


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