Indy Scream Park

By, The Wasp

Indy Scream Park

Scariest Attraction in town? Indy Scream Park!

Ok, I know Indy Scream Park looks scary but is it really all talk? Heck No! I have seen  videos and talked to actual people who have been inside Indy Scream Park and they say it is the scariest thing they have ever done. Indy Scream Park has six parts and you can choose which one to go on.

Nachtmahr: Which is German for “Nightmare” is the most remarkable haunted attraction in Indiana. Utilizing a nightmare theme gives the haunted house the opportunity of starting with a blank canvas. This “anything-goes” attraction is over 6,000 square feet of state of the art animatronics, computer generated images, sound and light featuring over 30 actors in well over a dozen detailed detailed scenes.

NEW FOR 2012 – Nachtmahr has received a total re-design featuring several new terrifying scenes, monsters and state-of-the-art special effects that will chill you to the bone…

Backwoods: This small corner of Deadstone National Park is avoided by locals who know the stories of the Tate family, who have called these woods their home for five generations. The Tates have guarded their land fiercely ever since the Federal Government claimed the land for the national park. Isolated for decades, the only people to see the Tates these days are the unlucky travelers who experience car trouble or lose their way and get stuck in the Backwoods. The Backwoods is a wooded horror trail that is almost one half-mile long featuring plenty of scenes, cabins and characters throughout the forest that are guaranteed to terrify. By the time you meet the Tate brothers, you will wish you had stayed on the main roads …

Infected: An unexplained phenomenon has begun to make the locals act … peculiar. Reports of their behavior caught the attention of the authorities and a special government team was deployed to “study and contain” (Rescue is NOT a priority).

Contact with the team has now been lost and the worst is suspected. Enter the cornfield, government facilities and farm house to learn for yourself what happened…

Infected is a unique take on the traditional haunted corn maze that will have you running for your life!



Kurayami (Japanese for “black out”) utilizes TOTAL DARKNESS to accentuate fear. This attraction is inhabited by traditional Japanese warriors and other demons who are trained to prey upon patrons. At times, you won’t be able to see your own hand in front of you, so even light becomes a weapon. You will attempt to twist and squeeze your way about a labyrinth of pure darkness. Only the brave will succeed…

NEW FOR 2012 – The darkness strikes back as Kurayami is taken to another level with nearly twice the amount of horrifying monsters and scares as last year.

Bedlam: “Bedlam” is defined as a scene or state of wild chaos and confusion and you can expect nothing less from this attraction. This special 3D haunted house has custom sound, video, illusions and even some crazed clowns that bring this madhouse to life. The sensory overload experienced in this attraction is destined to make it a crowd favorite!

Monster Midway: MORE MONSTROUS FOR 2012

The Monster Midway is located between the indoor and outdoor haunted house attractions and has dozens of picnic tables, three huge fire pits going year round, four different exciting games including Casketball, Bedlam Bounce, Papa Tate’s Potty Toss & Zombie Paintball, drinks & beer, a food vendor serving hot and cold food all night and – NEW FOR 2012 – caricature artist, airbrush tattoo artist and several new legendary monsters.

As you can see there are many attractions to choose from. But each one just as scary as the others if not scarier. We recommend not going on a Friday or a Saturday because then they have the longest lines. If you wish to get a job there….. TOUGH PANTS! You have to be 18 or older so boo. But hey, you can still go and pay money (22$ – 40$ *cash only) to have people scare the pee out of you go right ahead I wont stop you!!!

Have fun!!!!!!!!!! Oh and be careful with the clowns…sometimes they get alittle grabby.

Happy Halloween!

(Imagine an evil laugh)



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