Halloween Costumes! Are You Drawing a Blank…?

By, The Wasp

Stuck on a costume idea? Let Auntie Wasp help you out…

What kind of costume are you looking for?

What’s that, you’re not actually sure?

Oh…I’ll help you out anyway.

Boys and girls have very different ideas of a “good” costume. But I can help with both.

Ok, let’s get down to business.

Let’s start with the boys:

If you are a boy and looking for a scary costume then I suggest these:

Chucky.   Zombie hunter.

Now I know how much you boys love those  morph suits, soooooo: Purple morph suit. Tuxedo morph suit. Tie dye morph suit.

How about something funny? Whack a mole  annoying orange. Man eating shark. (my personal favorite)

Now for the girls costumes:

Something scary? Zombie prom queen  The Corpse Bride. Gothic Rag Doll

How about something cute? Mad Hatter. Pirate. A cheerleader from Glee?

Well, if I have not helped you out or at least given you an idea of a costume… oh who am I kidding this must have helped you I mean I’m a genius!


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