Egg Carton Bat

By: Sugar Plum

You will need:

■egg carton (makes four bats)

■pair of goggle eyes for each bat, or draw your own

■white glue


■black craft paint

■paint brush

■black or invisible thread, black yarn, or black elastic thread

 Project Instructions:

1. Cut the egg carton into four pieces with each piece having three egg holder sections.

2. For each bat, cut out the wings by creating a scallop shape on the front of each of the two outside egg holder sections. Repeat on the back.

3. Paint the bats, inside and out, with black craft paint. Set aside to dry.

4. For each bat, make two small holes on the top of the middle section. A corn cob skewer is useful for this, but you could use the tip of your scissors. Insert thread, yarn or elastic thread into the holes and tie off.

5. Glue on the goggle eyes. If you don’t have any of these, you can draw a pair of eyes on a white piece of paper, cut out and glue in place.

6. Hang your bats as a Halloween decoration – it’s nice if you can hang them in front of a window to be seen from outside the house as well as inside your room.


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