App Review: imdb

By, Pooh Bear

Have you ever watched a movie or T.V. show and seen a celebrity that you’ve seen in another movie, but you don’t know what movie or the celebrity’s name? Doesn’t it bug you until you finally find out? It sure bugged me until I found out about an app called, “IMDb”! This app allows you to look up any celebrity, movie, or T.V. show and get all the information available about it.

For a celebrity, “IMDb” will provide you with all the films that the celebrity has been in or going to be in, and pictures of the celebrity. It also has the celebrity’s birth date and if the celebrity is dead, his or her death date as well. There is a mini biography about the celebrity, and you could answer trivia questions on the celebrity as well.

If you search a movie, “IMDb” will show you the date the movie appeared in theatres, the rating of the movie, a trailer of the movie, pictures from the movie, all the actors and actresses, and more! For movies you can also do trivia and read a summary of the movie!

For a T.V. show, “IMDb” you will see when the series began, the rating of the show, pictures from the show, all the actors and actresses that act in it, and much more!

I love this ap! I use it almost every single time I watch something! It is my life saver. Even though I know I can use Google or Bing, I love to use “IMDb”! It is faster and easier! It is awesome!




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