Anime Review: Angel Beats

By, Kairi Honda, Rikiryou Rei, Emillia Vargas

K:  Welcome back to the insanity with me, Kairi, Emillia/Em, and Rei!!!!!

R:  Why are you so hyper this week?

K:  Because you made the mistake of giving me permission to choose the anime this time!!


K:  I bribed you with Pocky and other sweets, because I rock at bribery.

E:  Apparently so. Can I have pocky? I’ll lend you my collection of Chibi Vampire.

K:  No, you suck at bribery. So, this week, we’re doing the best anime of all time…



K:  Okay, so Angel Beats is about this group of kids that are dead. But believe that they lived an unfair life, so they’re unable to pass on. Now they’re stuck in a world that have NPC’s instead of real people. There is one person they call Angel, who’s really named Kanade Tachibana, and they fight against her, thinking that they’re defying God because they were given such unfair lives by him. Then, this one guy…um…

R: Yuzuru Otonashi

K:  Right, that guy. Well, he dies, but he can’t remember his life, so he really doesn’t have any grudges against his life. He joins the Battlefront that always changes its name, with the other humans there to fight Angel to avoid being “obliterated”. But he ends up befriending “Angel” and finds out she’s really not an angel at all. She’s just another human, like the rest.

E: It’s a REALLY good comedy/drama. And, at the end, romance.

R:  Don’t forget, every person there has their own background story about how they died. Of course, Yuzuru gains back his memories, and the ending—

K: Is just so sad!!!! Every time I watch it I cry!!!

E:  Whaaaat? You have emotions???

K:  No! I am a robot!!! I have no feelings!!

E:  -points at Kairi- I knew it!!!

K:  My friends don’t understand sarcasm… -is dejected-

R:  Know that feel, bro.

K:  I am so not your bro.

E:  Rejected!!!!!!

K:  Well, that’s it…I guess…what horrible friends…

E:  I’m sorry!

K:  I don’t trust you!!!

E:  But I said I was sorry!!!!!!

K:  –sigh- BYEEE!!!!! [^_^]


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