1-2 Record: Good or Bad?

By, Kyle H.

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Ahhhhh! If you’re a Colts fan you are not happy. Another loss for the Colts at Jacksonville to the Jaguars by a score of 22-17. With a final 40 yard touchdown to seal a win for the Jaguars. So Colts fans, do you think that this one and two record for the Colts is good or bad? Just an opinion, but I think that this one win isn’t going to last very long, because I think that this young team can pull off more than one win.

Like I said it is just an opinion but I think this because the Colts are a young team and because this team looks like they have a lot of potential. The young and bold Andrew Luck seems like a guy with all talk but no “do”, but he has proved wrong with the stats he has pulled off in the first three weeks with that pretty big win versus Adrian Peterson’s Vikings. I mean you have got to give him some credit!!!

But Luck is not the player on the Indy team that catches my eye. Number 87: Reggie Wayne, is ranked number five in the NFL in reception yards. He is like a ball magnet being Andrew Luck’s only veteran player to pass to. So will this 1-2 record improve to a playoff team or will 1-2 turn into 1-15?

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One thought on “1-2 Record: Good or Bad?

  1. darrikm says:

    I think the Colts will have about five to six wins this season. They do have a young team with an outstanding young quarterback who will grow and dominate in the future much like Peyton Manning did. I am personally a Patriots fan, but I feel the Colts will go through maybe one to two building seasons with their new quarterback and young players that you mentioned like Reggie Wayne who looks like he will be a great veteran player in the future. I wouldn’t worry about a 1-15 season as I see wins to come for the Colts. At least the team looks like it will still have a very promising future.

    -Darrik M

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