Upcoming with NBC and CBS


By, 911

There are tons of shows coming up on both NBC and CBS.









Here are some of them:

CBS has two new comedies coming back. Two and a Half Men have the 10th season coming every Thursday. It’s Ashton Kutcher’s second season. The show is sure to be great with Emmy nominated John Cryer. The Big Bang Theory is going on the 6th season and joining Two and a Half Men. This time, it has more laughs and unbelievable nerd facts.

NBC has some coming up. Matthew Perry returns in Go On, a new series every Tuesday with lots of laughs. Joining it, is Animal Practice. If you like hospital shows and animals, this is what you want to watch. Revolution is a hit new show on Mondays about the world without electricity. The Voice goes on before Revolution on Mondays. The same four talented judges (Christina Aguilera,  Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, Cee Lo Green) are coming back to pick the next superstar.

Keep your DVR empty and TV turned to these two amazing channels and their awesome new shows.


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2 thoughts on “Upcoming with NBC and CBS

  1. “Bazinga,” my favorite catchphrase used by Sheldon Cooper in The Big Bang Theroy

  2. Nathan R. says:

    I think they need to bring back “The Odd Couple”…

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