By, Kairi Honda

Dishonored is a first person game that follows Corvo Attano who is framed for the Empress’ murder. He then wants to get revenge on the ones who framed him. This game is sort of like Assassin’s Creed, but you have six powers you can gain to defeat your enemies. Also, there are so many ways to complete the tasks given. For example, there is one quest where there is this one man you have to kill. You can: a)  sneak up on them and assassinate them, b)  barge in and hack them all down, c)  possess a rat and sneak in, or d)  use any other power. This awesome game comes up on October 9, and I’ve seen some of the previews, and I am counting the days down. If you pre-order it, you can get a 72 card deck of Tarot cards, a USB whale lamp, and decal for a smart phone.

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