Staff Interviews

By, Kairi Honda and Emillia Vargas

We interviewed two seventh grade teachers. Here are their answers to our questions:

Mr. Yoder—Orchestra teacher  

Orchestra and General Music teacher, Mr. Yoder

Q:  What’s your favorite color?

A:  Green.

Q:  What’s your favorite animal?

A:  Middle school students.

Q:  What teacher do you get along with best?

A:  All of them!

Q:  What subject would you teach if you weren’t an orchestra teacher?

A:  English/Language Arts

Q:   What’s your favorite book?

A:  All of the Chronicles of Narnia.

Mrs. Stoner—Math teacher

Q:  Favorite color?

A:  Black. Wait; is there a weirder color than black? No black’s pretty weird.

Q:  Favorite animal?

A:  Ostrich

Q:  Who is the teacher you get along with best?

A:  Mr. Libey

Q:  What other subject would you teach other than math?

A:  None. I only want to teach math.

Q:  Favorite Book?

A: I can’t read. Not unless there’s numbers in it.

Mrs. Stoner

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One thought on “Staff Interviews

  1. Mr. Yhoder is telling the truth when he says his favorite animal is middle school students because of ME!

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