HSJH Staff

By, Sophia K.

We have such a great here at Hamilton Southeastern Junior High! I interviewed Mr. Hodgin, Mrs. Washburn, and Mrs. Wahlstrom. We asked each of them these five questions:  How do you like the new school? What do you not like about the new school? Are you going to be reading the Panther Press often? How do you like the lunch? How do you like the layout of the school?

 Here’s what Mr. Hodgin has to say: 

7th Grade Social Studies teacher, Mr. Hodgin

~He loves the new school. It’s amazing, huge, pretty!

~He does not have any problems with the new school.

~He will always read the Panther Press.

~He does not like the lunch because the portions are smaller.

~He does not like the layout of the school. He doesn’t like the 8th graders upstairs and 7th graders downstairs (7th should be mixed with 8th)

Here’s what Mrs. Washburn has to say: 

8th grade Math teacher, Mrs. Washburn

~She likes the new school

~She doesn’t like the layout because she also doesn’t like to be at the end (far from other teachers to talk)

~She will be reading the Panther Press.

~At first she was bummed, but then she got used to the lunches (recommends potato crusted fish)

~With the layout of the school she thinks that the gym teachers had to adjust a bit since they’re the farthest from the other classes.

~ She does like 8th grade upstairs and 7th grade downstairs

Here’s what Mrs. Wahlstrom has to say:

Mrs. Whalstrom is one of our amazing front office secretaries

~She loves the new school.

~She doesn’t like the drive.

~She will be reading the Panther Press.

~She brings her lunch to school everyday.

~She loves the layout of the school!

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One thought on “HSJH Staff

  1. jada says:

    Be careful He will Cane you!!!

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