HSJH Gets a New Principal! – FINALLY!

By, Daphne M.

Mr. Mankin, our new principal, sat down for an interview with me and answered some questions.

Daphne: Have you worked in the HSE school district before?

Mr. M: I have not. This will be my first year in this district.

Daphne: Have you worked in any other districts before?

Mr. M: I worked at Lawrence Township, Warren Township, and that was at three different schools. This will be my twenty-fifth year working at schools.

Daphne: What brought you to work at HSE?

Mr. M: The opportunity brought itself to be. People that I know spoke very highly of this school, and said that I would be a good chance to get my foot caught in the door. So I applied online, and went through the whole process to get here, and here I am!

Daphne: What do you think of the people at HSE so far?

Mr. M: The people that I’ve met are very welcoming. They’re kind, warm…

Daphne: What about the students?

Mr. M: Well, you are the first student to have greeted me, so I’d say that they are very nice so far, and I also have neighbors who go to this school.

Daphne: Do you think that this school is big?

Mr. M: Yes, this is a very big school. There are about two times as many students that go here than my last school, so yes.

Daphne: Is there anything else that you would like to let our readers know?

Mr. M: Well, I am a Chicago Bears fan, I love watching football, athletics, concert, and I like playing games and sports, too.

HSJH’s new Principal, Mr. Mankin

Here are some more fun facts about Mr. Mankin:  (by, Dora the Writer)

  • He loves the new school.
  • His favorite sports teams are: the Bears, the Cubs, and all of the other Chicago teams.
  • His favorite swimmer is Michael Phelps.
  • His favorite Olympic gymnast is Mckayla Maroney.
  • He likes to watch football.
  • He does sports such as basketball and he did a 5k run with obstacles.
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