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Whispering Oaks: The Break-In

The Break In

Peer Pressure

Peer Pressure


Caramel vs. Carmel

By, Ms. V

While I was posting the article about caramel apples, I had a question that was bothering me, so I looked it up…

Did you know there is a small difference between carAmel and carmel besides the obvious “A” in the name? Well, first of all let me just say upfront that I checked about 10,000 websites to come to a conclusive answer and therefore I am not going to list them all, but believe me I am not making this up! Here is what I found:

  • In some cases, carmel and carAmel are essentially the same thing – people just pronounce it differently – some websites in fact blame this fact on laziness of people.
  • The “real” way to spell it and say it is in fact, carAmel, but some people just don’t say the added syllable of the “A”
  • Carmel is a name of a town (and the one that is ironically, right next to Fishers, IN!)
  • CarAmel is a brown, super sweet, sugar while Carmel may refer to a place or a person – hence, above bullet
  • CarAmel is a confection used in puddings and other desserts that is made by heating sugars to the point of melting. The color of the caramel will be shades of brown.
  • Carmel is a Hebrew word. It is the name of many locations worldwide including Mount Carmel in Israel.
  • CarAmel is a candy – simply put.

Yes, some of those seem repetitive, but all in all, I realized that the CANDY is and should be said as carAmel. And the same goes to any color or shade of tan/brown that you may refer to as a “carAmel” color. Other times, if you are referring to a town, Mount Carmel in Israel, or other anything NOT the candy or color, it is carmel.

Hmm…who knew?

So, basically…I could say the following: “I travel to Carmel, IN to buy carAmel apples.”


What do you all say? CarAmel or carmel? Just curious!

All this talk about carAmel – I am going to buy me some carAmel apples later today! Yum!






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Thanks Sky Zone!

By, Ms. V

The Panther Press staff wants to give a huge thanks for Sky Zone Indy for showing their support for our new online newspaper! Thank you!

If you have never checked out a Sky Zone, be sure to go to their website here to get more information. If you are not in the Indianapolis are, you can locate other Sky Zones from the site above. There are Sky Zones all over the US so be sure to check to see if there is one in your area!

If you’re planning a trip to Sky Zone, be sure to read their waivers, rules, policies, etc. You can print their waiver online and bring it with you to save you some time. Also, it’s totally affordable:

30-min jump: $9

60-min jump: $13

90-min jump: $17

120-min jump: $20

I, personally, have never been to Sky Zone, but after looking more into it, and hearing about all the fun my students have there, it’s definitely something I am going to check out!




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Have you been to SkyZone?

By, Piglet


Sky Zone!

If you’ve never been, go now!

Basically, it’s an indoor trampoline park.  All of the floors and walls are covered in trampoline, so you can bounce anywhere you want! There is dodge ball, a foam pit, free jump, and you can schedule your next birthday party there!  Just put on the special jumping shoes and get out to a trampoline!  I promise you will have fun out there jumping in the pit, dodge balling, or just plain bouncing along.

Grab a friend and go to Sky Zone today!


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Amazing Pumpkin Carving

By, Pooh Bear

Information from here!

Ah! The autumn tradition of carving pumpkins is always a blast for the family. Everyone loves the simple smile with triangular eyes. It’s simple and fun, but sometimes fun isn’t always simple! As Ray Villafane portrays in his pumpkins, you can be creepy and make your pumpkins a Halloween special. He has taken pumpkin carving to the extreme! You may scream at the frightening works of art, but Villafane looks at them as grand accomplishments!

You may have seen him at the Indiana State Fair over the summer. I got the chance to see him in action there. He was  adding on branches for hands and putting on some finishing touches. It truly was the place to be! Villafane has a passion to carve and maybe you do too! Test your skills with a pumpkin this fall and see what you can do!




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Uh….I forgot…

By, Sarah J.B.

Have you ever gotten that aggravating feeling that you’re forgetting something? Here are some things that kids forget or do daily:

  • Return phone calls
  • Reply to emails
  • People’s names
  • Passwords
  • Homework, tests, quizzes
  • Birthdays
  • Important events

If you are one of the countless people who forget these things, don’t worry! Unless it’s a serious habit, it’s okay to forget things once in a while!

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Girls Halloween Makeup Tips

By, Professor Twix

Hey girls do you need help with your makeup for your scary costume? Well I’m here to help. First find the darkest shade of lipstick you own and put it on. Make sure you can find some more dark makeup and put it on. Also if you take red grease make up (you can find it at just about any party store) and smudge it on an old ripped up white t-shirt, it will smear throughout the shirt making you shirt look extra scary – kind of like fake blood. You can find cheap white t-shirts at Wal-Mart – or even see if your dad or brother has one! Have fun! And be scary!

Here is a website with a ton of Halloween makeup kits that you can purchase! 




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Pumpkin Carving!

By, Kairi Honda

There are so many different ways to carve a pumpkin. You can go for the scary approach, or the artistic. You could make a character from a show or movie, like Yoda, or make it look like an inanimate object, like the wood pattern you see on a table. Maybe even carve a cat or a totem pole. All are really cool, so you don’t have to stick with the pointy teeth and triangle eyes you have probably used for years. You don’t have to stick to the same old same old. Get creative! Why not carve Carl Azuz, from CNN Student News?! The possibilities are endless! So go out there and be inventive!

Check out these websites for some pumpkin carving pattern ideas:

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