Rising Stars: SouthSix5

By, Lucy D.

Southsix5 is a rising band getting known pretty fast. It is normally made up of four young men (Jacob Bates-Guitar/ Vocal, Cole Bettner- Drums, Shawn- Bass/Vocals, Andrew Butcher-Keys\Vocals) but I was only able to meet with two members; Jacob and Andrew. The two were performing at “Art in the Park.” I saw how talented the two were and I snagged the opportunity to interview them.

What kind of music do you focus on?” I asked the boys.

“Mostly, rock but we do all kinds of music,” said Andrew Butcher.

“What inspired you two to start playing music?”

“I was in a talent show and I was asked to be in a band so I did.” Told Jacob.

“How long have you been performing?”

“One year,” said both the boys.

“Are you two friends, brothers, cousins, enemies?” I asked them.

          “We’re friends.”

Those two twelve-year-old boys were an amazingly talented group. You can find more information about the boys on their Facebook page or twitter profile. Just type in Southsix5 into the search bar and it should lead you right to them. You can also find them on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/SouthSix5

from Google Images

From Google Images
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