No Moment of Silence?

By, Kiara T.

As you know, September 11th 2001 was a very tragic day. Every year we have celebrated this terrible day and remember those loved ones who have died. So this year, September 11, 2012 was Patriot’s Day. I believe the President asks for all schools to have a
moment of silence at 8:45 in the morning.

Well, that day we had a very BRIEF moment of silence. So, at first, if you think about it, one may say, “the school has a tight schedule and all the students need to catch up on their school work.”  Well that’s not flying with me.

A lot of other schools had either 30 seconds of moment of silence or a minute. At our school, that didn’t happen, and in general, we have a three-second moment of silence. I think that is ridiculous! Just talking about 9/11 in school, is not necessarily paying any respect at all. So, the solution to this is to have a longer moment of silence. If the other schools can handle a 30 second moment of silence, then we can too. Even if we take time out of the announcements in 5th period (it will only take 30 seconds –  I am pretty sure we can handle it).

Maybe next year we can pay our respects in a better fashion.


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