Interview with Kevin – My Dad

By, Pooh Bear

The Orioles have been a professional baseball team since 1954! They were a great team, winning three out of the six World Series that they participated in. They play at Camden Yards. I have interviewed my Dad, Kevin White, one of the biggest Orioles fans, about the team and how he feels.

The Orioles haven’t been doing too well, up until this year. For the past fifteen years they haven’t had a winning streak. This year they are stepping up their game! They have won eighty-seven games out of one hundred and fifty-two games! That’s a lot of baseball! The team’s star player is Adam Jones who plays center field.

My Dad’s favorite player is Matt Weiters who is the catcher for the Orioles. His favorite player of all time is Brooks Robinson who played for the Orioles from 1954- 1974. My Dad has been to one live game throughout his life, but has seen hundreds on the television. He has loved the Orioles for as long as he can remember, about forty- two years. He grew up in Baltimore, Maryland, where the Orioles play. He is pumped about the Oriole’s wins this year and has his fingers crossed that they will have a chance at the World Series. My Dad says, “It’s fantastic and has been a lot of fun! I haven’t been this excited about Oriole baseball in a long time!”

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