9/11 Remembering the Lost and those Affected

By, Bria King

(much of this information was found on www.911memorial.org )

September 11, 2001. A tragic day for everyone in America, and many others in the world. Many families went home that night, without their mother, father, and even children. The many events that took place on 9/11 will have a permanent place in many peoples’ memory.

At exactly 8:46am, Flight 11 crashed into the North Trade Center Tower floors 93 through 99, killing everyone onboard Flight 11 and hundreds in that building area. Within minutes of crashing, tons of jet fuel ignited starting a massive fire. Those above and below the impact of Flight 11, were alert and on their feet.

Within a half hour, Flight 175 crashed into the South World Trade Center Tower. Again, everyone on the plane and within the floors of 77 through 85 were killed. Before Flight 175 hit at 9:03am, people in the South tower were ordered to evacuate the building.

“We heard and felt a loud noise.” Connie Labetti, who worked in the North tower said. Many people trapped in the North and South towers were either evacuating, helping others, trapped, or dead. Those trapped were calling family members, friends, and firefighters. The smoke from the crashes were unbearable. Victims were breaking windows just to get some air. Citizens and firefighters at ground level could see the people hanging out of the buildings and grasping onto the steel boards of the Twin Towers.

Florence Jones, who was in the South Tower was questioning if she would have to jump because there was so much smoke. Citizens were shocked, screaming, and stood in amazement looking at the two towers ablaze. While firefighters were trying to help people evacuate the building, they heard ‘ping’ sounds landing on the ground. It was the sound of people from the upper levels dropping down dead.

“I was heavily affected by the tragic events of 9/11, but you can’t change the past.” – Anonymous

“I wish we could go back in time before it happened, and warn the people.” – Anonymous

Though we cannot go back in time and change this dramatic tragedy from happening. We can still look ahead to a better and brighter future.

-Written September 17, 2012

Visit www.911memorial.org for more information

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