A Cool Dragon App-Game


By, Katie K.

Pic taken from Google Images

There is this super fun app that my friend and I are addicted to! It’s called DragonVale! It’s this game where you can buy dragons and breed them. You can also play with friends!  There are are 8 elements: earth, plant, fire, cold, lightning, water, air, and metal. There are also special dragons you can get by using your gems. Hint: Gems have to be bought out of real money or sent by friends! You can’t breed any “special dragons”, so when you think about it they are not that special, but you can earn gems! By buying the Colosium when you are at a high enough level, you can put your dragons in it and make them compete for the gold! Here’s the different rewards.

Gold: 5 gems

Silver: 2 gems

Bronze: you just get gold

My Special Hints:

  • When you are breeding, you have to choose two dragons. In your store you can see the different elements of each dragon. You need to chose the  two elemental dragon in the right order or you make the wrong dragon. [Example: The poison and flower dragons are both made using fire and plant elements. The poison dragon is plant then fire and the flower dragon is fire then plant.]

Be sure to comment on my post if you have questions about this app. This app is available for both iPhones and Androids!


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One thought on “A Cool Dragon App-Game

  1. Celeste says:

    This sounds like a game I’ve played before, but then deleted. I am definitely getting that app!

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