Swanky Students!


By, Sarah J.B, and Haley S.

Then: 1980-1990

We have come a long way since the 80’s and 90’s fashion wise! Here are some of the most popular trends from the 1980’s and 1990’s! the most popular accessories were big jewelry, watches, bright, neon makeup, jelly bands, and slap bracelets. The trendiest hairstyles were perms, feathered hair, the mullet, and teased hair. There were also a lot of Jordache and Calvin Klein jeans, jeans tucked into socks, pegging*, sweat bands, leggings with big baggy sweaters, collars flipped up, parachute pants, big anything, high tops, and the classic preppy style. *Pegging: rolling pants up in a certain type of way.


Now: This week

Hey Panthers, here is the latest trends for the week! The most popular accessories are potholder headbands, Nike Elites, feather earrings, and athletic headbands. The trendiest hairstyles are buns, side pony tails, French braid, the all famous unicorn horn, side braid, and messy buns. We have also been seeing a lot of crop tops, floral bottoms, blouses, flowy tops, baggy t-shirts, pencil skirts, spirit wear, yoga pants, sweat shirts, Toms, Sperry’s, Converse, and Air Jordan’s. But we have not been seeing Uggs, glitter makeup, or boys sagging. (But boys sagging, well let’s just say we are glad we haven’t seen that yet!)


Citations: Sophia K., Lucy N., Mr. Young, Mr.Goller, and Google images!


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One thought on “Swanky Students!

  1. Stephanie Vandor says:

    I really miss the hyper-color wind breakers! Those were super cool!

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