School News…and more of it!

By, Aimee S.

7th Graders:

  • Are you seventh grader still trying to just trying figure things out at HSJH? Do you want to know about teachers you don’t know/haven’t had yet? Are you going to take a class you don’t have right now and want to know more about it? 7th graders are the newest ones to HSJH this year – let us know what we can help you out with! Just leave a comment and we will be sure to get you info ASAP – or tell you who to speak with!
  • 7th Graders are going to Camp Tecumseh soon! The dates are October 1-5. Get ready! We should have lots of good stuff to post after we all get back!

7th & 8th Graders:

  • Your fundraisers are overdue!!!! Get those in ASAP! NO KIDDING IT’S NOT COOL, I DON’T HAVE ANYTHING ELSE TO SAY OTHER THAN TURN IN IT!!!!
  • Picture retakes are on the 26th dress up and look your best if you need to take pictures. I mean who doesn’t like being in the year book?!!?!
  • Glee club auditions! Are you interested? Don’t sweat it you’ll be great! Do your best and GOOD LUCK! Talk to Mrs. Johnson if you have questions!
  • Always remember your library books – Duh! Gundy Bears all the way!!!!
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