Homework, homework, and more homework


By, Purple People Eater

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Is there anyone out there who is tired of homework? I know I am! I believe that some students are getting hauled with homework. This doesn’t seem fair, the reason we go to school is to learn. Once students are at home, it’s as if we’re right back at school learning again. I understand from a teacher’s view that learning is essential to a successful future, but there are other things in life that are just as important. When I see kids leaving school with a backpack that is stuffed so much it might explode, I feel bad for them. Homework causes students to feel pressured. Doctors have said that too much homework causes students to be overly stressed. I believe a change should be made…..and soon.


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6 thoughts on “Homework, homework, and more homework

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  2. Why so much homework any way? What’s the purpuse; all to loose the paper in your locker the day its due.

  3. Nathan R. says:

    Personally, I LOVE to have a ton of homework… Maybe it’s that after repeating doing the same process to answer questions over and over and over, I just get into my own rhythm, and it becomes fun…

  4. Mrs. Stoner says:

    If we don’t give our junior high kids homework, then they will get to high school and fall apart. So you say, let’s not give them homework in high school? Well, then you go to college and fall apart. No homework in college? That’s not reality. I did 6-8 hours of homework a DAY sometimes.
    You need homework to practice the skill that a teacher taught you in class. I teach math. If I just teach something, and my students do not practice it, then they don’t learn it. Would you be able to play in the NBA if you never practiced basketball? Would you be in the Olympic swimmer if you never swam except in a meet? How good would you be at baseball if the first time you went to the plate you had never practiced how to hit.
    I know it stinks to do homework when you want to play, but you are growing up now. You will be an adult soon. Get the best education you can, then get the best job you can, and THEN go play after you get home from your awesome job that you earned by hard work in school.

    • YES! Agreed. Ha, thanks Mrs. Stoner for your lovely insight! Surely, we TEACHERS have a different take on homework than the students! 🙂 Thanks for the comment on the Panther Press!
      ~Ms. Vandor

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