Arts and Crafts

By, Mandy W.

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What I am going to teach you is a Friendship Bracelet Club must. That picture that I found on Google Images does not show it completely correct. The picture shows it as just folding the strings in half and just tying a knot but at FBC you do it a little different.

  1. You cut three pieces of string making one a little bit longer than the others.
  2. You find the halfway mark (the long piece does not have to be put halfway) and tape it, the one with the long piece coming towards yourself.
  3. Take the long piece and do the four knot until it’s long enough to wrap around and make a loop.
  4. After you do that, remove it from the tape, make the loop, and tie a knot directly under the knot.
  5. After that you can make the bracelet of your choice.
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