Wake Up!

By, Pooh Bear

Every morning teens have trouble getting out of bed! Hitting the snooze alarm multiple times becomes a natural habit. They start to have a simple routine that doesn’t require much brain power, therefore aren’t awake when the day starts! I have a few tricks to help get your brain working for the day!

When your alarm goes off, try hitting the OFF button instead of the snooze. This way, if you fall back asleep, you’ll wake up, or be woken up, and realize that you’re late for your morning duties, such as school, sport, etc. The next morning you will know to get up so that you don’t make the same mistake twice!

Another way to get your brain working in the morning is to use the opposite of what you’re used to. This way you’re using your brain. For example, brush your teeth with your left hand, or right hand if you’re left handed. You could also use just one hand to put your clothes on! It’s like a challenging game!

The morning is a big part of your day! It determines how you will feel the rest of the day! Stay awake and alert, and try to wear a smile! Eating a good breakfast is a big part of your day too! It wakes you up and gets you started. When you walk outside, don’t look at the negative, instead look at the positive! Make everyday a good day!

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One thought on “Wake Up!

  1. Nathan R. says:

    How I prevent this kind of mistake:
    1) Be left-handed
    2) Place nightstand and alarm clock on RIGHT side of bed
    3) Make clock 4 hours 30 minutes ahead
    6)PROFIT (and waking up on time)

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