It Started at 8:55

By, 9.11

Info gathered from Wikipedia and Google Images

Some say it took seconds for the U.S. to be bruised. But like all bruises, it takes longer to heal than it does to happen. It was 11 years ago, when three of the U.S.’s most important buildings were hit by hijacked planes, and although that was hard to handle, it was even harder for the families of the victims. Although that day has long gone, the scars are everlasting.

September 11, 2001, at the time of 8:50, the employees of the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, the White House, and other important buildings are busy working on a normal day’s schedule. 8:00, American Airlines Flight 11 has departed and at 8:55 has smashed into the North Tower of the World trade Center in New York City after 4 members of Al Qaeda hijacked it. 8:14, United Airlines Flight 175 has departed, being hijacked and crashing into the South Tower at 9:03. Both of the towers total, about 3,000 people died at. The president, George Bush, has been notified that the two towers had been hit by passenger planes. The president is being flown to a safe location where no harm can come to him. 9:37, American Airlines flight 77 was hijacked and hit the side of the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia. Almost 190 people died. After that, all airports across the U.S. grounded all flights in the country. But one plane was still in the sky. The passengers of United Airlines Flight 93 called relatives after the plane was hijacked and found out that the plane was probably headed towards the White House or the Capitol building in Washington DC. The passengers fought back and sacrificed themselves to save many more lives.

9/11 was one of the most torturous days in U.S. history. But since then we have taken more precautions than ever to insure this never happens again. Al Qaeda might still be out there, plotting against us, but we are ready to stop them.

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