Should “Funner” be a Word?

By, Emillia Vargas

Have you ever been corrected for saying “funner”? Does it annoy you? Do you believe “funner” should be a word? Many people, including me, do. “Fun” is usually used as an adjective. Many adjectives can end with -er or -est, though “fun” was once used as a noun. So that is the reason why it we use “more fun” or “most fun” instead. Although many people do consider “funner” to be a word because it does follow the rules for adjectives. In fact, when asked, “Do you think ‘funner’ should be a word?” Fourteen out of seventeen people said ‘yes, it should be a word.’

Well, what do you think? Should “funner” be considered a word or not?

See what Urban Dictionary has to say…

from Google Images

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