By, Mandy W.

Book Review of Divergent by, Veronica Roth

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Even though I am only a couple of chapters into this book, I can already tell that it is going to be an awesome one!!!!

Here’s a quick summary of what I’ve gotten through so far: As each kid in this society turns 16, s/he is separated from his/her family and divided into factions. There are five different factions – or sectors in a futuristic Chicago. The story is about a girl Tris, who lives in the faction called, Abnegation. She has just turned 16 and when she goes to take the government’s virtual reality test that shows her what faction she should be, something goes terribly wrong and she discovers that she “Divergent”. She is unlike everyone else..but how so? What does it mean to be a “Divergent”?

Definitely read Divergent by Veronica Roth to find out more!!

Oh, and if you really like Divergent – you can read more in this new series. Insurgent is Book Two in this trilogy. Book Three is not out yet and last I read, the title was still up for discussion! Let us know what YOU think of this series!

GoodReads Link to Book

Supercool Site about the series

5 Factions, 3 Books, 1 Awesome Trilogy

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