Our Voices – a short story

By, Emillia Vargas

I made my way into the large building, my blond hair in my face. As my eyes adjusted to the light I saw a group of seven girls talking about random things. When Kat saw me, she grinned. “Jen!” She screamed running towards me, everyone else following.

Once the girls finished hugging me, I spoke. “So, are we going to bowl or what?’

“Yes!” Ellie yelled. “Let’s bowl!” We then grabbed our shoes and headed to our designated lanes.

Tonight was one of the last nights before school started up once again. I, Jenna Williams, was heading into the eighth grade along with three of my friends; Kasey, Ellie, and Allie while Kat, Jane, Nicky, and Alex headed to ninth grade. I was really going to miss them. It was always more fun when they were around.

I was pulled out of my thoughts by Ellie screaming. Apparently, her bowling ball had ended in another lane… I smiled. I shouldn’t be thinking such sad thoughts. Instead, I should be enjoying one of our last nights of summer! We would still be friends after all!

The rest of the night was awesome. We played two games of bowling, watched Nicky go against a little girl in a dance off, (She lost unfortunately.) and played in the arcade for awhile.

Before I knew it, the night was over.

I was still smiling as I left though. We were still going to hang out all the time! Just because we were in different schools didn’t mean our adventures were over.

They were far from over.

These were the girls that took me in when my other friends abandoned me. I knew many things about them that most people didn’t. I have heard their voices. They have heard my voice. We are the geeks, dorks, nerds, and freaks. Most people don’t pay attention to us. They will now though. Our voices will be heard.

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