Friendship Bracelet- Snake Around the Pole How-To

By, Maura D.

  1. Cut two strands of different colored embroidery floss to a little less than a yard in length.
  2. Hold the two strands together and tie a knot at one end, leaving two inches above the knot. Use tape to attach the knot to a hard, flat surface. Tape it above the knot.
  3. Separate the two strands. Take the left and cross it on top of the right, making the shape of a number 4. Then loop the left strand under the right and bring it through the opening created by the 4 shape.
  4. This forms a knot that you will tighten by sliding it toward the big knot at the top. Repeat this with the same strand for as long as you want this color. When you are ready to change colors, just take the right hand strand and move it to the left.
  5. With this new left hand strand of the second color, repeat steps 3 and 4 until you’re ready to switch colors again, or until you’re done with the bracelet.
  6. Finish with another big knot, and leave enough room to tie around your friend’s wrist.

found from Google Images

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