Cafeteria Catastrophe?

By, Kairi Honda

There have been some rumors going around about starting a lunchroom embargo, or a boycott. It’s been floating around that since the school lunches are so disgusting, that if we, the students, were to all pack our lunch for however long it would take,
“they” might change the lunches “they” give us. The hope is that the lunch would be changed to something that was healthier and tasted better. Whether or not a peaceful protest will work, only time will tell.

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3 thoughts on “Cafeteria Catastrophe?

  1. Kyra Nelson says:

    Our high school had an open lunch policy, meaning students could go to nearby fast food joints. Nobody ever ate in the cafeteria. And while the school lunches weren’t exactly healthy, I think they were probably better than the fast food.

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